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#11 – The 4 Principles of Success: Takeaways of Success

The 4 Principles of Success - Takeaways of Success

Do you have a social mission?

As a person striving for success, having a social mission that helps others, helps society, and gives back to your community can greatly enhance your personal brand. Throughout your journey of success, having a social mission can also increase your chances of finding others who are willing to help you, donate to your cause or become fans of you and your product or service, therefore following and supporting you in general. When I say “brand,” I actually mean WHO YOU ARE. You are your brand. Your name, who you are and what you do throughout your life endeavors defines you as a brand. Having a social mission and a positive purpose behind your quest for success will, in turn, lead to more success eventually turning you into a success magnet. Remember, whatever you put out into the universe, you will receive from the universe. Seek to do good things for others while becoming successful.

The Takeaway:

Before you aim for success, figure out what the social purpose of your quest is and attach a social mission to it that helps society in a positive way. Having a social mission behind your actions towards success will make you feel great about what you’re doing AND will make you want to create even more success in your life.

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