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#17 – The 4 Principles of Success: Takeaways of Success: Celebrate the Small Victories

The 4 Principles of Success - Takeaways of Success

Celebrate the small victories.

When you’re aiming for higher life goals, sometimes it can feel redundant, mundane, monotonous and just plain boring. When those lame tasks eventually add up to what you feel is a small piece to the puzzle of your success, don’t just ignore what you’ve done. Go ahead and celebrate that small victory. You’ve worked hard for whatever it is. As humans, most of us need some kind of validation for the things that we do. Whether it’s the reasoning behind why we help a friend or family member or the reasoning behind why we want to become a great success in life, we at least need to give ourselves personal congratulations for the things we accomplish. Do yourself a favor and feel selfish in that moment of achievement. You earned it. Create that enticing mindset for reaching future goals. Celebrate and reward yourself for your small wins so you can condition your mind to crave more reasons to celebrate therefore continuing to strive toward future gains. Within you, those tiny celebrations will create a stronger drive and a more intense hunger for more success.


The Takeaway:

Give yourself pats on the back when you arrive at personal milestones. Entertain your mind with the thoughts of what you will do for yourself when you achieve a certain goal. When you reward yourself for what you’ve done to enhance your success even further, you will create an unstoppable machine of achievement.

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