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#19 – The 4 Principles of Success: Takeaways of Success: Strive to Create Meaningful, Positive, Productive Relationships.

The 4 Principles of Success - Takeaways of Success

Strive to create meaningful, positive, productive relationships.

Just know that successful people create relationships with purpose. If you are wanting to be a successful person in business or in life in general, create and have relationships with purpose. Think with purpose. Act with purpose. Speak with purpose. Do with purpose. Everything you do should be with purpose. I’m not saying that you are not supposed to have relationships with people that are not filled with fun and that all your relationships should be serious or just about business. I remember when I was a teenager and, as most of us do, all I craved were experiences and the quantity of my experiences. I didn’t necessarily care about the quality of my experiences or the quality of my interactions with other people. I was just glad to be alive to experience life. Now that I’m old enough to know better, quality most definitely matters. Think about it this way. When you create a general, purposeful mindset, every relationship whether it’d be business, friendship or a love relationship WILL HAVE PURPOSE. Once you adopt a purposeful mindset, all of your frivolous interactions with people will start to decrease because, with a purposeful mindset, you actually start to crave more out of life. Life starts to have more meaning. Life starts to have more enjoyment. Life starts to have more love.


The Takeaway:

The takeaway is: to live life in quality over quantity. When you live with purpose, the quantity of quality times and quality relationships is sure to increase consistently.

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