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#26 – Stand-up Comedy, Addiction & Sobriety with Comedian Kurtis Matthews of The Addicts Comedy Tour

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The 4 Principles of Success guest Kurtis Matthews

Kurtis is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and, with his partner in sobriety Mark Lundholm, AND A WHOPPING 50 YEARS OF COMBINED SOBRIETY, create the soulful and hilarious, stand-up comedy team called The Addicts, which through blending insight with outrageous storytelling AND the power of comedy, spread awareness about substance abuse. Kurtis has toured nationally and internationally since 1984, has starred in the BBC’s ‘Find Me The Funny’ and has appeared on A&E and VH1. Whether you are in recovery, know someone who is or just want to educate yourself further on the struggles of addiction, their show is a must see for all.