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#3 – The 4 Principles of Success: Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections

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The 4 Principles of Success guest Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections

Jessica is located in Providence, Rhode Island and is the founder and CEO of, the premier guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. Jessica is also the acclaimed author of Interview Connections: #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic! Along with being a speaker at Podcast Movement, and Dream Business Academy, Jessica is the host of Interview Connections TV, where each week she helps her viewers rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. She hosts and co-hosts three podcasts: Rhodes to Success, The Parenting Rhodes and The Podcast Producers (with co-host Cory Coates of Podfly) which was selected by Apple as a “How to Podcast” show in iTunes and has also been included in the syllabus for a course about podcasting and audio journalism at Western University in Ontario, Canada.