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#48 – Teaching, Learning from Children and Personal Goal Achievement with Nick Britton

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The 4 Principles of Success guest Nick Britton

Nick is located in Miami, Florida, is the author of Children Know Success: Do You?, Lessons from the Little Ones, co-author of Your M.B.A.: Helping You Balance Life & all of the Moving Pieces, and has served multiple positions in his career, however; being a preschool teacher was one of the greatest. He served as an advocate at the state level for children and special education and now teaches adults how to solve personal problems and achieve their dreams while loving and learning from their children. He has several professional publications, hosts weekly networking events, and has given public speaking engagements in multiple regions of the country. While Nick has started several companies, and currently owns several real estate properties, he still advocates and donates to many Veteran nonprofits and has become a brand advocate to two lifestyle brands, A+ Hustle and Optimize.