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#51 – Peace, Power, Miracles, and Re-connective Healing with Dawn Petalino

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The 4 Principles of Success guest Dawn Petalino

Dawn is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and within 6 months after leaving a 13-year teaching career had a full-time tutoring business without a website and with only one published advertisement. For eight years, her business thrived, even while others experienced a recession. In 2011, she began her coaching and healing business and again, within another 6 months she was teaching classes, coaching several women, had a professional website done for free, and twice appeared on a local cable show without forcing any of these things to happen. Today, she coaches women groups and individuals, is the best-selling author of Peace, Power, and Miracles: How To Use The Awareness3 Method For Eliminating Overwhelm and Increasing Happiness, and speaks to entrepreneurial groups about co-creating with the Universe a fulfilling life of which they are worthy.